Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Importing models and basic scripting in Outerra

Latest versions of Anteworld have brought support for model import and basic scripting of aircraft and vehicle physics. Outerra supports only the Collada format at the moment, but support for FBX will be coming as well.

For scripting we are using Javascript, reusing the V8 Javascript engine from the embedded Chromium browser. API for the scripting is automatically generated by a tool directly from definitions in our sources, so the same API will be available for C++, Javascript and any other language we add later to the generator.

Here's a video showing the import process and scripting the physics for two vehicles - a 8x8 Tatra truck and a BMW M3 model.

Forum thread for the importer is here.

There's been a couple of models imported already by our fans, for example some architecture test, a Soviet flying boat, Mercedes Benz 500K by Denis Krupin.

See also Jeff's quest in reconstructing Stoumont in Outerra:


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