Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Himalayas - unused footage and failed attempts

As we are currently in the midst of reworking and updating several key components of the engine, which is taking time, I pieced this video from unused footage made for the Himalayas trip video.

Shows mainly the failed attempts to land at Lukla and some other sequences. The problem with Lukla runway is that the engine of that particular Cessna has vastly reduced power at that altitude, and cannot propel itself up the slope. One has to touch down at a higher point, using the momentum to overcome it. Which of course usually didn't work as imagined smile

The second half contains many attempts at getting the flyover right; we managed to meet at designated point on like 10th try.

The video ends with one preserved recording of how we always rushed back to the starting positions to make another attempt in a row of several needed for each scene.