Monday, August 17, 2009

Flight sim?

Two guys I'm working with on the engine, Laco 'angrypig' Hrabcak and Tomas 'jonsky' Mihalovic have some time ago worked on FNPT II MCC trainer with Boeing 737-800 cockpit replica (Laco has got some photos in his history page)
They are still being quite drawn to simulators, so when we got positive reception from flight sim community with the engine we decided to lean the development slightly more that way.

Recently, Laco got preliminary Collada loader working, loading a Cessna model. He is also incorporating JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model library into the engine, while Tomas works on the cockpit.

Here are some first screens.

Here are some screens with (now featureless) cockpit, recent Z-buffer development allows to handle the cockpit and terrain without problems.

A look below while grounded.

And some screens from outside.

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